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Detox Body Soak Essentials- Healing & Relaxing

Detox Body Soak Essentials- Healing & Relaxing

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Indulge yourself with our Detox Bath Soak to remove toxins, relieve stress, ease anxiety, and improve mental cognition. Our bath soak is made with natural ingredients, allowing you to relax and heal. Let the calming effects take over, and restore your peace of mind. Treat yourself, family and friends today with the set as a gift!

Order the detoxifying bath soak by itself or ...

... get the Detox Bath Soak Essentials Kit for a deeply detoxifying experience. You have the option to order 1 for one-time use or order 4 to use once a week for a powerful beginning to your detox journey or to address more severe toxic symptoms. 

Toxic Symptoms include: Feeling lethargic/sluggish, stubborn weight loss, sugar cravings, poor cognitive functioning, etc. 

The Detox Soak Essentials Kit includes:

the Detox Bath Soak

Detox Oil


Moisturizing Body Oil

Under Eye Patches

*Water flowers and water candles are free gifts included while supplies last**

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